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Robyn Schlice

Vice Chairperson

Building Peaceful Families

Robyn Schlice joined Building Peaceful  Families Board in 2018 as the Co-Chair of the Golden Grandmothers Program and in 2021 was elected Vice-Chair of BPF. She has spent several years working with the High Promise Dads Fatherhood Conference committee and is looking forward to channeling her enthusiasm and energy toward developing other aspects of the BPF organization. 

Robyn served as the Supervising Probation Officer For the Drug Treatment Services Unit in the Adult Division of the Probation Department. In that assignment Robyn focused on treatment rehabilitation and diversion projects. In addition, she was assigned to a special project that works with young adults (age 18-21) who are involved in the justice system and focused on their diversion and rehabilitation to avoid further involvement in the justice system.

Robyn's previous assignments included running the Probation Department's Training unit, supervising a Probation  run school, and Supervising a Special Education Project in collaboration with County Counsel and the Department of Family and Children services.  

Robyn has volunteer experience as a member of the Italian Catholic Federation Board, the San Jose Unified School District Foundation,  and the San Jose State MPA Alumni Association. She holds a Master’s degree in Political Science with a concentration in Public Administration from San Jose State University.



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