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No Strings Attached

Building Peaceful Families' current focus is on the underserved in the South Bay Area who are most at risk for violence, poverty and system-involvement: justice-involved women and girls, fathers and father figures (including probationers, teen fathers, single and divorced fathers), and families impacted by the juvenile and criminal justice system, including victims of crime.


The vast majority of the population we serve are survivors of significant trauma, are women of color, are economically challenged, and are at risk for homelessness. Eighty percent are parents. In 2020, BPF developed the No Strings Attached Campaign to ensure that all women leaving custody at Elmwood Correctional Facility have access to hygiene kits with necessary toiletries such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, sanitary supplies, and deodorant. In addition, we created quarterly programs for multiple women’s units at the jail.  Our objective is to provide emotional support, mentoring and encouragement to this very vulnerable population.  BPF believes that strategically focusing on basic needs will contribute to stabilization, reduce the risk of recidivism and victimization, and will support our mission to increase quality of life outcomes for incarcerated women, their children and families.

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