Golden Grandmothers

Recognition Luncheon

This special event honors 30 grandmothers who have taken on the responsibility of being full-time parents for their grandchildren. The honored grandmothers come from across Silicon Valley and represent a diverse and remarkable group of women.


In Santa Clara County, the vast majority of children in out-of-home placement are being raise by grandmothers. These unsung heroes play an important role not only in the lives of their grandchildren but also in our community. They provide a familial alternative to foster care, helping keep brothers and sisters together and families intact. Since 2004, we have honored more than 800 grandmothers. In 2020, the luncheon to thank and honor these community heroes will be held on Saturday, February 8th. We invite you to nominate a grandmother today, and to join us for this special day.

Golden Grandmothers

Recognition Luncheon

February 8, 2020


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Golden Grandmothers Luncheon 2017

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