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Building Peaceful Families' mission is to celebrate, educate, and inspire individuals through programs that help them become more involved, responsible, and committed family and community members.


Background & Philosophy

Founded in 2004 by Santa Clara County Superior Court Judge Sharon Chatman, BPF exists almost exclusively on in-kind donations. With an extensive network of dedicated volunteers and an experienced working board of directors, we target the underserved and often overlooked populations in our community – grandmothers who have given up retirement to raise their grandchildren; fathers and father figures (including probationers, teen fathers, single and divorced fathers) who desperately want and need resources so they can be responsible, involved, committed parents; men, women, and children of all ages, shapes, and sizes who strive to improve their fitness, but cannot afford personal trainers or expensive gym memberships.


We believe in treating all people with dignity and respect. We encourage and support each individual who participates in our programs and events, and we welcome and embrace people of every age, race, religion, size, shape, fitness level, sexual orientation, political affiliation, and financial status. We embrace and celebrate the diversity that is our Bay Area family.


Building Peaceful Families brings groups of people together – uniting, educating, supporting, and celebrating them.


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